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Skincare Product OVERWHELM.

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

With so many skincare ranges on offer, what products to we actually need!

To say that the skincare industry is ever-evolving would be an understatement. Each year, we see a new crop of ingredients and trends rise to prominence in skincare. From minimalistic regimens to the rise of microbiome-friendly products, there is bound to be a sea of constant emerging trends and marketing that grab your attention and you feel resonate with your personal skincare philosophy. Whether you’re embracing less makeup, and showcasing your natural skin or perhaps just using smarter products that minimize the number of steps in your regimen there is SO MANY OPTIONS.

Having studied the profound effects of top notch clinic based cosmeceuticals i know the ingredients that’s work and I know the fun cute marketing that has also sucked me in many a time. However those days are gone!

The sexy packaging no longer outweighs the products that truly work. I’m sticking to my favourites 🏹 Hydroxy acids,

Retinoids (vitamin A), L-ascorbic acid,Peptides and proteins, the list goes on.

What is your favourite skincare range?

What ingredients work for you? Let me know below

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