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The 28 day cycle that all woman need to know about.

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Why females need to eat, exercise & make lifestyle changes to flow with their Flow!

A woman’s power is all in her flow.

Louder for those in the back!

This is so important ladies, 🩸Stopping this flow can be detrimental for our mood, weight, hormones and our reproductive system. Our power and intuition lies in our monthly flow and it’s time we started to celebrate that!

Welcome to your inner seasons ❄️ 🌞 🌸 🍂

It’s good to think about the menstrual cycle like the seasons in a year: broken down into winter, spring, summer and autumn. The average cycle is 28 days long, so we’ll use this as a guide to map out how long each season lasts. However, we know that not many people are ‘average’, so it’s best to track your own cycle (more on this later…). Day one of the cycle starts from the first day of your bleed. 🩸

Your winter superpowers: (Day 1-5) let it go

Now is the time to rug up & release any tension that’s been building up. Any lingering annoyance? Let it go. Write it all down and burn it, have a yelling session into a pillow or just quietly say goodbye to that negativity – whatever you need to do.

Your spring superpower: (day 6-11)play with your potential 🤸‍♀️

Now is the perfect time to get curious. That side hustle you’ve been thinking about – start getting it down on paper. Get creative with a new project. And that doesn’t have to mean you are suddenly the next Picasso, it may just be that you come up with a new route to work – every win makes you a winner! But now is also the time to think big: think about what can you change in your life for the better and plan how you can make it happen.

Your summer superpower: (day 12-19)enjoy the ride 🚙

Summer is a time for you to shine. Whether that’s in a work environment, through smashing your PB on your run, or by pulling out all the stops to throw a dinner party 🥢You’re looking and feeling your best, so thrive girl!

Your autumn superpower: (day 20-28 ish) get decisive✔️

Now is the best time to make decisions. Normally the kind of person who panics when asked what you’d like from the menu? Your inner-autumn is a great time to write pro and con lists. Things get clear! Clarity! you’re not in a place to take sh*t from anyone, so that thing you’ve been putting off – decide now!

Mj. X

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