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What Is Cell Turnover & Why Does It Slow Down With Age?

What is cell turnover exactly?


I explain this heavily in our consultation process and it really is the entire reason for my job!

To speed it up and get the cells turning over nicely ✅


Let’s discuss!


👉🏼Skin cell turnover is the process of resting new skin cells to replace already exhausting skin cells 🤌🏼


👉🏼Everyday your skin is exposed to wear and tear and in order to keep your skin healthy your body needs to constantly produce a new supply of skin cells ✔️


👉🏼When your body removes old skin cells with new ones, it also removes the dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface layer of your skin. This is where I like it use a chemical exfoliation (chemical peel) or micro needling to remove the old allowing the new to appear ✔️


So why should we care?

Because as we get older our bodies take far longer to replace old skin cells with new ones so in order to keep cell renewal up to speed and in the 28 day cycle, skin treatments and a good at home skincare routine is needed 🤌!

I always suggest treatment cycles to be every 4-6 weeks, it’s also important to me to work with your budget, it has to feel like a healthy exchange and not a heavy one so offering 8 weeks for those on a budget is perfectly fine.

Skin takes work and It’s exactly like going to the gym to keep your body toned, healthy and youthful

Mary xx

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