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Lifestyle Changes That Support Clear Skin.

It’s not just skincare & dermal therapies that help us maintain a beautiful clear skin, it’s a lifestyle change.

There are a few things that are vital (and super nourishing) to help keep our natural glow.

✔️Fresh air - DETOXIFIES THE SKIN: While you spend some time outdoor, the fresh air opens the pores and make your skin breathe better as there are only fewer blockages. When the pores of your skin are open, it eliminates the toxins from your skin and helps your skin to remove waste from the body. Oxygen is anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial in nature.

✔️Eat fresh food - Don’t restrict, don’t over complicate it, just eat good whole-foods 🧈

✔️Cold showers 🚿- This can tighten the pores of your skin and hold the hairs firmly in place. It reduces inflammation and also relieves acne problems. Cold water can also detoxify the body. Taking a cold shower early in the morning can help you get rid of the toxins, dirt as well as excessive oils from the body.

✔️Have fun- laugh and relax more, feel less serious and more playful in nature. This will relax your muscles.

✔️Sex-The increased blood flow and reduced hormone levels that you get through sexy time gives you a better complexion. You can prevent menstrual acne flareups through the energy you use in sexual activity.

Happy Sunday! 🍋

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