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How I plan for my week ahead!

I like my life to be as clear as my skin which takes a lot of planning and organising (and a big fat whiteboard/ calendar on the front centre of my fridge!)


I believe that staying organised leads to more play and business that is run like a finely tuned engine! I believe that in order for my clients to get the feeling that they are being well taken care of, I need to do my part to keep things in order so that my energy is always clear and ready for the day. FYI- I like to do things in order of Health, Wealth and Love. This helps me know that in the morning I start with health, in the day I do the things that create wealth and in the evening im back into love mode with my family and friends. This has been a game changer for me.


Here are a few things that help me stay on track.


Morning (Health)

- Meditate and quick stretch. (10min now, not 20 as I have dilly and find 10 min is plenty) No need to make it long winded if you feel its enough. Remember this is your life, make it work for you!

-Skull half Litre of hot water to kick start my digestion.

-Prepare and eat breakfast as a family and take supplements.

-Walk with Dilly in nature then prepare her for Daycare when she goes in Jan, I can walk her there in 1 min so it’s easy peasy



-Get into clinic and check emails, Respond and file. Leave the emails and phone messages CLEAR. Don't take them with you to the following day.


-Look at my bookings or orders prepare the night before l. This will all change again once the clinic is open! 😍


Evening (LOVE)


-Knock off work, free time with family.


Done. Keep it simple for you and nobody else. xx

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