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Healthy & Easy Ways To Boost Your Energy.


Nobody cares about it until we have none and then it comes racing to the front of the line.

I remember being in my teens with limitless energy and taking it completely for granted.

The truth is, energy slows down as we age and we have to put self care first. Time is going so fast around us that it can be very easy to put it all on the back burner. If we continue to put it last then it quite literally never gets done.

I have compiled a few tried and tested routines that have helped gain some energy back (after a baby) as a woman running a very busy little clinic among the gum trees.


breathwork increases your energy levels and boost your immune system in a BIG way!

Your immune system is so important for our overall health (including your energy), and the way you breathe has more of an effect on it than we may realise. Practicing breath-work exercises allows our bodies to bring in more oxygen, which fuels the cells that keep us healthy and energised.

Shallow breathing can result in stress, which triggers the sympathetic nervous system and increases our level of systemic inflammation. This all has a negative impact on our immune system.

How To Do IT.

First, find a comfortable place to sit. Lately my favourite places have been somewhere in nature or my bed.

Sit down, relax, & follow Wim’s method on You Tube which is about 10 minutes long.

What you do is take 30 quick, deep breaths, inhaling through your nose & exhaling through your mouth. Then you take another deep breath, & exhale for as long as you can until you need to take a breath again. Inhale again, then hold it for 10 seconds & repeat.

It’s super easy to follow when you do it with him & seriously, it’s been LIFE-CHANGING for me.


Guys this is big!.

When you wake up, make 1x hot lemon water.

Then get a seperate cup of water adding ELECTROLYTES!

Think about how easy that is, you are already going to be having a glass of water so why not habbit stack it to really get the best out of you time.


-Celtic Sea Salt (pinch)

-Cocobella coconut water!

-Eidon Mineral electrolytes


I have been mediating for 10 years now!

Without it I would have no clarity and in a state of overwhelm. Todays world is a demanding one. With work, children, a constant digital overload, we're more stressed and under more pressure than ever before. Our stress response ­is so easily triggered now and so going inward just turns off the background noise.

Nothing has improved my life and energy more than meditation. It is a moment with ourself to regain your energy and replenish your natural charisma.


-Trancendental Meditation. -Sit for 25 minutes just breathing and repeating your mantra. Mine is So Hum or I like to just listen to my breath as it starts to balance.

-Guided - Any on YouTube that resonates. Just try a few.

-Walking meditation -Melissa .


Because life is happening so fast around us, we can literally feel it! Even if we are relaxing. regular bathing in nature is becoming increasingly more challenging to do in the modern world for many people. This is quite a top priority of mine and something im getting Dilly very used to on DAILY basis.

If you spend less time in nature you cannot discharge a positive electrical build-up.

In spiritual terms, grounding is our contact with Mother Nature. Understanding the natural rhythm of life and our impact on the environment.

Grounding can affect our entire energetic system. It disposes of used-up energy and draws in new, fresh energy from the earth. If you are not grounded, you cant effectively eliminate your energetic waste and this causes long-term stress and other issues.


-Get your feet into grass, sand or dirt. Best way is to get into nature.

Immerse yourself into the bush or beach!


Not only are they SO GOOD for your skin and hair, but they can greatly improve the function of our Vagus nerve. When you have a cold shower, the initial shock of the cold water (better to start off with the water on your back first), will make you take a short sharp breath in, and you will have a reaction to want to get out of there or to tense your muscles. You the take a long slow exhale, and relax your muscles, you start to adjust to the cold. When this happens, the sympathetic nervous system slows down, and the parasympathetic system takes over.  It’s important to keep your breath steady to keep the parasympathetic system working. This is hard at first! but with practice you will notice is that other neurochemicals will also be released such as endorphins that will have a lasting positive impact. You don’t have to have a cold shower for very long. Thirty seconds to 1 minute of a cold shower is ample time. It could also be a good idea to leave the last 30-seconds to 1 minute of your regular shower to adjust the temperature to cold water as a way of practicing the art of taking cold showers more consistently.

Trust me you won't want to, but you should give it a go for 2 weeks.

Notice how all of these things are free, natural and very easy (some not so easy lol) to do?

Give it a go and let me know how it feels!


Mary x

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