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The Fitzpatrick Scale: Knowing your skin type.

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

If you’ve already started having skin treatments in clinic you will be familiar with the Fitzpatrick scale!

So what is the Fitzpatrick Scale?

" The Fitzpatrick scale is a system used to determine what skin type you are according to the pigment in your skin and how your skin reacts to any sun exposure. This is used in ALL cosmetic practices to determine what treatments are deemed appropriate for each of our clients individual needs, how one may react to any treatment and will give an indication of the outcome of each procedure and the healing process."

Here is a run down for each skin type to get you familiar!

✋🏻Skin type 1- Burns easily and never tans, is pale in complection and usually blonde (often red head). Highly senstive to the sun exposure. Type one is highly unlikely to develop any post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

✋🏼Skin type 2- Highly sensitive to the sun, will tan but only slightly and are fair skinned. Will very rarely if ever develop post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

✋🏽Skin type 3- Will tan at a gradual pace, sometimes burns. White skin or asian will fall into this type, May but will rarely suffer any post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

✋🏾Skin Type 4- Always tans, very rearely burns, minimal sun sensitivity. This skin type is American indian, mediterranean and latin American decent and will most likely develop a level of post inflammatory hypermigmentation.

✋🏿Skin type 5- Very rarely burns and tans well. Has dark brown skin and is not at all sensitive to the sun. Has a high chance of developing post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This type of skin is of African American and Indian descent.

✋🏿Skin type 6- Deep pigmentated black skin. Is not at all sensitive to the sun and never ever burns. Very prone to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and keloid scarring.

This will all be included in your initial consultation to determine what’s going to benefit you or cause more damage.


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